Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vanessa & Casey

This weekend on August 8th I was honored to have shot the wedding of Vanessa and Casey. It was in fact my first solo wedding ever and it surprisingly went very smoothly. I can't say nothing went wrong but nothing went wrong anyone other than my assistant and I knew about. Sadly one thing that did happen new 5d m2 broke. It was heartbreaking but it is getting sent back to be fixed very soon. Thankfully I was super crazy and brought 4 cameras along so we had an extra. My friend Amber was my assistant and she did really well for her first time shooting a wedding also. We worked well together and we made a game plan prior and pretty much stuck to it.

Vanessa and Casey are both beautiful people so getting images of them was no hard task. They have such great families that welcomed us into their lives on one of the most amazing days for them. It was much more rewarding then I would have ever thought it could be. During the ceremony when a tear fell from Vanessa's face I was probably one of the only people who could see it other than her new husband and her closest friends and family. To be a part of that is so remarkable. I wish Vanessa and Casey endless happiness and an amazing future together. They are truly a beautiful couple and I hope they enjoyed their day as much as I enjoyed mine.

The wedding was at Casey's parents house and they had amazing gardens and a beautiful house. The wedding was so bright and colorful, it was a perfect summer wedding.

Here are some of the images I have had a chance to process..

The Beautiful Bride after the ceremony.

Casey and Vanessa infront of one of the beautiful gardens

Infront of Casey's parents house

Vanessa's gorgeous dress hanging in Casey's mothers room

This image was taken by my wonderful assistant Amber white Vanessa was getting ready
One last look.

Right after they became husband and wife!

Vanessa's Maid of Honor Kate

Vanessa had asked me to set up a photo booth and it was harder than expected. With a little bit of practice though we got it down. Thank you both for such an amazing day!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey everyone,

So things have been interesting lately... this weekend I shot my first solo wedding. It was a blast! Thankfully I had Amber there to help me make it through alive. Vanessa and Casey are such an amazing couple and so fun to be around. I am in the process of editing the images and will have them up soon!

Sunday I photographed Hannah, who I knew from middle school. She is gorgeous and made a fantastic model. I just needed to do a shoot to get inspired! This was totally what I needed, it was fantastic to just be shooting. I was going for a bohemian look and I don't know if I totally accomplished that but I like what I got from the shoot... here are my favorites!

This week Jason and I have GREGORY HEISLER in the studio :) it is so great to have him back in our lives.He is so amazing and he brought his equally amazing daughters with him and his girlfriend. It is going to be a great week with them. Also we had a little surprise from DAVID TURNER today. It is like a total hallmark reunion up here in the lovely town of Rockport, ME.

Wedding images and updates on the week to come :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Betters Family...again

Hey everyone.

So I have been working on a lot of things lately but this weekend I got to photograph the adorable Betters Boys again. They are so adorable and super cooperative, it really makes the shoot fun. I took them to the same location we had shot their family shoot in and found a great spot of open shade. I didn't have an assistant but the lighting was great so I had no fear that I wouldn't have good catch lights or I wouldn't have someone to be my "child wrangler". Thank you Jill for being so helpful!

Here are some of my favorite images of the boys :) Thank you Betters Family!