Friday, March 26, 2010

Couples :)

Hey all,

Today is all about the wonderful couples I have had the pleasure to shoot in the last few weeks. They have all been amazing and I could not ask for better people to have in my life. Each of them are so different and unique, it was so fun to spend my days with all of them.

First we have Melissa and Marc :) Melissa Camp goes to Hallmark and is the most beautiful, amazing, fashion forward girl. She is so sweet and her and Marc were recently engaged! They are truly adorable and have the type of personalities that is just infectious and fun to be around. Caiti and I took them to Thomas Memorial Golf Course (where I work) and we spend the morning shooting in the amazingly warm weather we had that day. Thank you so much Melissa and Marc, you both are amazing and I love you and wish you the most amazing future! Here are just a few images from the shoot...

Next is my brother Jayson and his beautiful wife Laura. I had Laura come into the studio to shoot her for a high key assignment and ended up taking some pictures of the two of them so they could have some. I ended up loving the images and had to use them for my assignment. There were literally a hundred images I loved but here are just a few of them. Thank you both for coming in :)

And lastly but of course not least we have Tj and his wonderful girlfriend Nicole. Love them both dearly :) Caiti and I took them to the old NMH campus to shoot. The location had a lot of snow still but we made the best of it. Thank you both so much for being willing to do whatever Caiti and I asked you to do! Here are just a few...and I promise the last ones of this post :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ashlie :)


So break has still not got any better... The weather is looking a little nicer today but I am pretty sure that is the only thing that has brightened up. Today I am in need of some car cleaning and a longggg run :) I think this might be the help I needed to brighten my mood. After that I plan on heading to the school to print out some pictures for my models and burn them CDs. (So you will all be getting them soon!)

The last shoot I did before break was in the studio with one of my friends, Ashlie. She is super beautiful (lord I have amazing friends) and she also knew what to do in front of the camera. Thank you so much Ashlie for coming in on such short notice too! So here are my favorites...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taasi Time :)


So this week has been our "spring break" and it probably has been one of the worst breaks I have ever had! Being sick is totally not helping it improve either! The weather is horrid and it is just overall pretty bad...

On a better note :) today is all about Taasi. Taasi is one of my best friends and is so beautiful! She is great in front of the camera and I am so lucky to have her as a model. For Taasi I really wanted to try to get away from the fields and into a urban location. Of course that did not happen and we found a field that we really liked. Also a shallow depth of field can work wonders on whatever there is behind so it made it kind of easy to try to make it seem not TOTALLY like a field in all of the images. So here are some of my favorites... I loved a lot of them so I had to choose only a few. I will probably post more again soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wonderful Elizabeth :)


So today is the Friday before break and I just can't wait for it to be 3pm :) Yesterday Caiti and I had a bonding day before she left to go back home. We went on a bike ride and then to dinner at (of course) China Gourmet. I have no idea what I am going to do without her crazy self over break!

As for my Personal Submissions...
Today I turned them in and it is always the greatest feeling to have the box out of my possession. Total stress reliever! Todays blog is all about my wonderful friend and Model Elizabeth. Caiti and I took her to the Smith College Green House and spent a few hours there shooting before, of course, finding a field to have her in. The green house was really beautiful and made for a great location. I totally recommend it to EVERYONE! Elizabeth had great poses and knew how to work it :) Here are some of my favorites...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey there,

I know I have been super lame when it comes to blogging this week but I am just keeping you in suspense for the big day on Friday when I start to show my Personal Submissions images. Caiti rubbed off on me and got me out of the studio and into some fields. The weather has been great, which means it has been really fun getting outside and shooting. Be sure to check me blog on Friday to see some of my new images and read the adventures that came along with every picture!

Sneak Peak! I am actually not using this image (or really one like it) but I needed to add a recently taken picture so here it is! patient, your pictures will be up right after I drop my assignment of Friday!

Enjoy the warm weather!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Commercial Work.


So yesterday was a pretty good day overall. Had a really fun shoot with Cali (thanks mucho!) and got some great studio shots. I haven't shot in the studio lately so it was very weird to be back but it was fun. I had a near death experience with my fill light though! I was sitting on the floor with my feet under the legs (memo to everyone, do not try this) and I was moving around to get the right framing...I think you can probably assume what happened next. My foot kicked over the light...thankfully my life was saved and the fill light did not even hit the floor :) Very interesting evening to say the least.

The past few weeks have been weird since I haven't shot in the commercial studio lately but here are some images from my phase 3 final that I did for commercial assignments.