Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check it out!

In May I worked with an amazing wedding planner out of Newport RI. Her business is called Couture Parties which is run by the wonderful Stephanie Frazier Grimm. She is fantastic, you should really check out her website and keep her in mind if you ever are looking for an event planner...

Anyways, where is this going you ask...

Recently Stephanie and I were featured on a blog together for the images I took when I spent a day with her in Newport. Check it out :)

Here are some other images from the day.

Here is the wonderful planner herself, Stephanie!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wiping the dust off my camera...

So this weekend I was graced with the presence of Amber! She is one of my best friends and is the only one from Ma to make the journey to Maine to see me. (Boo to the rest of you) This weekend I finally dusted off my camera and shot. I tried to just act like any other Maine tourist and just shoot without coming up with excuses on why I couldn't. I can't say I have aquired any award winning photographs this weekend, or even photographs that I am in love with but I did have a great weekend with Amber and it was good to hold my beautiful black 5d Mark II in my hands :)

The weekend started off with showing Amber around Rockland, Rockport and Camden. After that we went on a search to find lighthouses. After driving in circles and entering the same state park numerous times we decided it was time to google where on earth we could find a light house. We pulled into Owls Head Light State Park and were thrilled to find a sign pointing to a light house! We made a little trek through the woods and came out in a little clearing where we found a beautiful white light house sitting on top of a little hill. We explored for awhile then attempted to head back into town.
On our way to the lighthouse
This looked like a scene from twilight

Pretty little post office backyard

After a 45 min long journey (that was only suppose to take 10 min) we made it back into Rockland. Amber and I headed down to the harbor to see the world largest lobster and to sit by the dock.

Largest Lobster!
It was an AMAZING day weather wise. Thankfully Amber brought the heat with her :) after a long day we headed back to Jason's to nap and get ready to go out to dinner...

Sunday morning came and Amber and I were on another hut to find a lighthouse. First though we went in search of wild Maine blueberries! We pulled into a bumpy dirt road and parked Jane (my Jetta) on the side. We assumed we would walk for a few minutes and end up in a field full of blueberries. We did end up in a field full of blueberries but not without walking a mile or two to get there.

We failed to bring a container with us so the Quakes bag we had in the car came in good use!

After the trek down the hill we made it back to the car and on our way to lighthouse numero 2. Again it was like a mile long walk to the lighthouse but it was so worth it with the amazing amount of sailboats that were around.

Sadly I had to head to work after finding this lighthouse so our day was over but it was a really relaxing yet exciting weekend.

We now have matching boat shoes!

This week Jason and I have Joyce Tenneson in the studio. She is already fantastic and it looks to be like we will be having a great week with her :) I will blog our wonderful experience next week!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Promo Video!!

Hey everyone,

I know you're all impressed, another blog post this week! I have waited a long time to put this online and I am not really sure why but here is the promotional video I made for my photography. I want to thank Caiti Barr for helping me out with it! It is super cheesy but hey if you know me that is exactly what I am. It is the hopeless romantic in me :) let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions! Or if you want to book a session for this summer or fall.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another week in Maine

Hey everyone,

So it has been awhile since I sat down and wrote a blog. (sorry) Two weeks ago Jason and I welcomed Arlene Collins into our lovely studio. Arlene taught a class on mastering flash. I personally have never been a huge flash fan but after assisting her in class I now have a better understanding of flash and feel that I would end up using it more in some situations. It was great to meet Arlene Collins, she really knows a lot about what she does and is able to teach it well. Jason and I will be working with Arlene two more times over the summer so you will be hearing more about her!

The weekend of the 4th was great, I got to go home and hang out with my friends and family for my birthday. My brother just acquired a boat so we spent most of the weekend out on the river. As most of you know I submerged my cell phone in coffee a few weeks ago and just got a new one in the end of June. Keeping that in mind, I stupidly took my beautiful new blackberry bold on the boat with me. I safely hid it in a towel and prayed for the best. Things were going good until all of a sudden our boat was bombarded with water. After a few seconds of water falling on us like a waterfall we figured out what went wrong (well they did, not me). I then remembered my lonely phone was in the back compartment as I was standing in a foot or two of water. Crossing my fingers I opened the back compartment and found it floating around... after a few moments of freaking out I came to terms with the fact that I am not meant to have a cell phone! Thankfully I have a new one now but it was a pretty stressful day!

Last week Jason and I started INVENTORY! Weirdly we had fun doing it. With the scanning gun in hand we would have races to see how fast we could enter in light kits and stands. It was an adventure but sadly we aren't done yet. Hopefully we will find some times to finish before the end of the summer!!

This week we are graced with the presence of Steve Sint! He is a wedding photographer who has shot so many beautiful photos. He has totally inspired me to start getting ready for one of my upcoming weddings. I have been searching on some of my favorite blogs and websites to get my ideas flowing. Some of those include Justin and Mary , Style Me Pretty and Growing Tree Photography. There are a lot more but I can't name them all. Check them out and get inspired, they are great :)

Hope everyone has a great week and I will be posting pictures from our wedding week soon! :)