Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adorable little Camden!

Hey everyone,

Well life in New York has been very interesting. I am really in love with being in the city! It is all still a work in progress here but I think it is all working out well.

This weekend I got to go back to MA and have a photo filled weekend. Friday I photographed a Sweet 16 Birthday Party, Saturday I got to photograph Daryl and Jessica Brunelle's Wedding, and Sunday I got to photograph Camden. It was a great weekend that was busy but it was nice to see some familiar faces around. (pictures to come from all of them!)

So I have been edited a lot lately and decided to get the small stuff out of the way first. I just finished doing some editing of my shoot with Camden and his mom, Meghan. Camden was an adorable little 2 year old boy who just loved playing in the puddles and with sticks. This was his first session so he was a little shy in front of the camera and didn't really know what to make of me coming along while he played outside. Although there were not many opportunities for me to photograph him looking at me I still love a lot of the shots I got from the shoot. He was absolutely adorable and his mother was really pretty so it made for a good session.

Here are some of my favorites!

Have a wonderful night!


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